Mike Helleur

CEO, Hīkoikoi Management Limited

Michael (Mike) joined Wellington Tenths Trust and Palmerston North Māori Reserve Trust in July 2021. With thirty years of executive experience in management roles Mike has been responsible for leading growth and opportunities across varying commercial sectors and industries. Mike’s experience includes working within real estate, property and property management, media, marketing, manufacturing, retail/wholesale, hospitality, entertainment and export.

Mike has a desire to contribute to the success and growth of the Trusts, to share his commercial and personal expertise and knowledge and an interest in learning, working within, and appreciating a Māori cultural environment. Taking on responsibility to enhance, develop and grow the business and its people, he wishes to present and lead advancement through opportunities, so that people of Te Ātiawa/Taranaki iwi katoa benefit. Mike aspires to create long term opportunities for our rangatahi and future generations through that growth and prosperity across the Trusts learnings, initiatives, developments, and successes.

On a personal note, Mike has three tamariki, all living overseas. His interests are in making life better for others, people and personal development. Mike’s hobbies include painting, photography, a passion for art collecting/ supporting contemporary Māori artist (A Wehipeihana), staying at his cabin in Apiti, walking, travel and riding his Harley Davidson.

  • BAPPMGT, Double Major: Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship